Friday, June 1, 2012

Popping Collars

I have become a little obsessed with styling using my jean jacket this Spring.
Spring is definitely coming to an end in Michigan.
School is winding down and the weather is heating up.
I mean, heating up for reelz this time peeps, not just that oh so sweet gift in March we 
received of balmy weather. 
(No idea where that came from but I am just going to go with it.)
Warm weather equals fewer layers and little miss jean jacket is about to be packed back into the closet.
Before it say "see you later" until fall, here is one look that I love and wanted to share. 

Embarrassing Habit: I have to pop my collar. I seriously cannot wear the collar down. It is like an itch that won't go away if I know it is down. So pop, pop, pop your collar and salute the 1980's prepsters for that precious fashion gift that just keeps on giving.