Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Oh, The Torture

(Worn in April before the May debacle)

I cannot stand shopping for jeans.

When I think of a torturous shopping experience, buying jeans or a swimsuit come in at a close tie.
Since finding a jean that fits just right is so difficult I only actually own two pair.
This particular pair pictured was one of those two.
Notice I say "was".

Yep, they have died and gone to jean recycling.
I was slightly devastated when my brother oh so casually asked me if my jeans were ripped.
I told him, with a protective "No", that they were of course not ripped and than I felt my hands even more protectively feel the back of them.
To my horror, I realized that he had been rather kind in his question because they were not just ripped but the entire seam had disappeared!
Second ugh, how in the heck did I not notice this before walking all over town in them!
Pure humiliation at it's best.

Any suggestions on how to make this shopping trip a little less of a horror story?
All points and tips would be greatly appreciated.
I don't mind spending a little more for jeans, but I do live on a budget so I don't want to spend a crazy sum of money on a pair of jeans.
The exception would be if they have some kind of magical power attached to them that will grant me model-esque qualities than by all means I will shell out the cash in a heart beat. 

Who couldn't take an Emperor's New Clothes moment again in their life? LOL!