Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Color Me

One thing that style blogging doesn't hold back on is holding a mirror, so to speak, up for me to have to take a good hard look at myself. 
I am not loving what I see right now.

Solution: To Get Movin
I have always been terrified of running long distances.
Yep, completely terrified.
I can only assume this irrational fear comes from my childhood and being one of the last kids to finish the mile in gym class.
You see I am REALLY competitive when it comes to games or sports.
I like to win and I cannot stand losing.
This is a character flaw that I have been dealing with for sometime now.

Anyway, one of my bucket list items is to run a 5K.
So, when I heard about the Color Run from one of my students I couldn't imagine a better way to kick my fear in the butt.
Problem: I would have to run.
There was no way that I would be able to do this on my own so I enlisted my sister to help me out.
Away we went and guess what?
I ran 1.5 miles straight and, other than needing to work on developing a rhythm to my breathing, I felt amazing.

Now I need to invest in a better pair of shoes and a heart rate monitor. 
Any suggestion?
Color Run here I come.