Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Crazy Town Smile

Shirt: Vintage, Goodwill
Pants: Gap
Shoes: Steve Madden, Marshall's

This hair growing out thang is driving me a little nuts I tell you, nuts! The hair on my head has reached the awkward stage of in between yuckness. It is too short to pull back into a pony tail and it is too long to simply wash and go. It is driving me crazy. I broke down and pulled out the hair straightener this morning. I haven't used it in exactly a year since I had my hair cut into a pixie and I am happy to say that it is like riding a bicycle AND my hair actually looked half way decent when I left this morning. The bummer is that I now am going to have to put in a humidity control product because as you can see I am looking a bit like I was electrocuted:( I realize that this entire conversation is ridiculous with everything else I have been dealing with but it is refreshing to deal with the mundane in the midst of crazy town. 

Crazy town...
                  ...  like a mortgage refinancing company who keeps mistaking you for someone else and giving you the WRONG information and than doesn't bother to ever call back. 
                  ... A store that specializes in pretty underthings who doesn't send you a credit card bill in February and you think that you paid it off in January and get a BIG ding in your credit rating for a whopping $10 bill. Yeah, that is so much fun let me tell you. 
                  ... Even better, your buyers agent calls to ask you why she just had a phone call from the sellers agent of your new home asking why the deal is falling through because someone from your work called and told them that it was and they wanted to make an offer. Yep, fun times in my little world peeps. Fun I tell you, oh so much fun!

Bottom Line: I may be smiling in these pictures but I am finding it more and more difficult to smile these days. Yuck!