Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Feeling A Little...


Spring temps are still gracing Michigan with
their presence. It was so wonderful to stand
in the bright sunshine and shoot these pictures.

I decided that I didn't care if I was a little 
too squinty in them since sunny warm days
are to much of a blessing not to enjoy.

I think this necklace is whimsical with a mod
60's vibe to it. I love how it makes anything
I wear pop and when you can wear something
that was made by someone you adore it is even
better! This little beauty was created by my
dear friend, Staci, from Constantly Unfolding.
I snatched it up back in November at a craft 
show I was helping her with. 

Spendiferous is all I can say!

With wearing black and white I wanted to
have some color. I used to wear all black
and white all the time without any color
but am finding that I really miss color in the winter.

I wasn't entirely happy with where this sweater
hit me. I think it accentuates my hips and since
I have a non-existent waist I does little to add
to a more curvy silhouette.

Actually, I think it is hysterical that I even am 
worried about a curvy silhouette since so much 
of my life I would have killed to be a stick thin
non-curvy waif. I guess that is what happens when
you grow up in the 90's with Kate Moss as your role

Anyway, I love a curvy body now.




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