Friday, January 6, 2012

Be A Ray

Winter is so blah in Michigan.

With everything a dead brown color there is little

inspiration for any excitement when you look out
the window or go outside.

My wardrobe, before blogging, consisted of mainly
a lot of black and brown items with a couple of dark
plum and dark red accents thrown in from time to time.

Let's just put it this way, if you match the color of blah
there isn't really anything to get very excited about in 
general and the entire season lovelies is, well, one
big BLAH! 

When I started reading blogs, a year ago, I was so inspired
by all the color and the ability to carry color through every
season without a hitch.

I jumped on that bandwagon and am hoping that I can be 
my own color excitement until Spring returns.

I was inspired to find a fuchsia blazer after this picture
exploded onto Pinterest this summer. I was lucky enough
to stumble upon this one while at the Salvation Army.

While it is definitely from the 80's, big shoulder pads
and all, I love the shape of it and the warmth of the wool.

The fuchsia loafers where another item I stumbled into while
at Target and there was NO WAY I was leaving without them.
I paid full price, a slight SHOCK for a lady who loves to only 
buy something on sale, but I knew they would be gone. They
have sat in my closet since before the holiday so I pulled them
out and immediately experienced that Ooh and Aah sensation
again so the $20 they cost was oh so worth it.

The sequin tank was a no brainer.
There is nothing as lovely as gold sequin, in my book.
It is like wearing sunshine.
Smiling on while wearing a shimmery and glittery
gold item is a quick fix for the blahs.

Okay, longish story short: 

Add some color and sparkle to create

some excitement and inspiration during
the blah months of the year

Jacket: Salvation Army, Shirt: Goodwill, Sequin Tank: Filene's,
Jeans: TJMaxx, Sequin Bag: Gift, Target, Loafers: Target

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