Thursday, December 29, 2011

Textured Sunny

Sweater tights, infinity scarf, corduroy skirt,
leather like boots, and boho earrings.

So much texture makes the best of cold winter days.

Wednesday was FREEZING!
With a capital F.
A high of 21 degrees.

I was toasty warm with so many luxurious
layers and so much texture played my senses
happy. The sun was a perfect compliment.

It looks as if December is going to 
wrap up 2011 beautifully. 

Sweater: Kohl's, Clearance (Old), Skirt: RL, Thrifted,
Tights and Boots: Kmart (Old), Scarf: Calvin Klein, Gift
Earrings: Target, Gift, Ring: Collections Boutique

We have no plans for New Year's and
I am actually very happy about that.
Christmas was, let's just say, a little
bit too drama filled, so a low key 
celebration is just what I am looking
forward to the most.

What are your New Year's Plans?