Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Resolutions: A Look Back and Forward

Hello lovelies!

I hope that you are having a wonderful day!
I cannot believe that Christmas is in just 5 days!
Otto and Ava are beyond geeked for all of the festive fun.

(Coca Cola Santa always makes me think of being a little girl
at my Grandparent's house for the holiday.)
So with the holidays approaching it is of course my annual
tradition to begin to think of a New Year's resolution.

2011's resolution was to start a fashion and style blog
and from the looks of things over here at OAGJ
I can check that off my list as a success.
A HUGE thank you to all of you for your support!
I couldn't have done it without you.

OAGJ has done everything I set out for it to do and more...

- help me to be more creative
- give me a creative outlet
- help me to style myself with, well, more style
- connect with other amazing people with
similar interests
- share my love of all things stylish, beautiful, and pretty
- show that you can live on a budget and still
have a kick butt wardrobe
- to help build up my confidence 
- to be inspired and inspire

What OAGJ hasn't been able to deliver is the ability for me to 
be completely comfortable being my real self while blogging about fashion.

I don't think talking about the raw and real parts of me 
connects well with pretty pictures and pretty outfits.
Oh, don't worry!
OAGJ isn't going anywhere.
I will still be here doing my thang.
Don't think for a second that you could get rid of me:)


2012's resolution 

isn't going to be that different
accept for the content focus.

I need to take my journey in 
self discovery to a deeper level 
than OAGJ's platform allows.

So, I have created a new outlet for myself..
Yep, another blog.
This time though you will be hearing my real voice.
The one that might be a little gritty,
The one that might be a little raw,
The one that tells it like it is,
The one that doesn't BS.

The one that is simply....


Welcome to 
Searching For My Life

I would love for you to take the journey with me!

Maybe, it can be a safe haven for you to, if you are looking 
to be your authentic self.