Monday, December 5, 2011

Alert! Alert! The Socks Are Showing!

So I have decided that as long as it is sunny out I will
take pictures outside no matter how cold it is.

I need to figure out the perfect time of day to do this
because, as much as I love a terrific sunset, the color
isn't the best for a clear picture that doesn't have a yellow
jaundice tone to it.

Cashmere socks, 
(yep, I am so Uber Glamourous),
are one of my favorite parts of winter
and the blue pair that I have on are some of the softest
pairs that I own (this is true). 
They are so warm and cozy as well
as add a lovely pop of color to an outfit 
(the color pop not really, okay maybe).

I will be honest, I don't actually wear them for a pop
of color and more for the fact that I have a lovely
Raynoud's Syndrome and my feet are constantly
freezing especially in the winter. 

This is where taking pictures of yourself pays off,
I learned that these pants aren't as long as I thought
they were and my socks did in fact show.
The fashion style-ista in me wants me to care, but
in reality I am still more excited for the fact
that my feet were toasty warm all day:)

Heels, Scarf, Jacket: Thrifted, Shirt: H&M, Pants: Gap