Saturday, August 13, 2011

Thrifting In The Ann Arbor Area: Goodwill vs. Salvation Army

Reasons I LOVE to thrift:

* Amazing pieces that are unique
* Vintage items to incorporate with modern
and of course
* The AMAZING prices!



I usually thrift at the Goodwill in Saline:

 The Goodwill is located near school so I can run in quickly
 for a visit before picking up O and A up after work.
Everyone who works there is super friendly and really helpful.
The store is clean and fitting rooms are available with mirrors and locking doors.
 The Goodwill runs amazing deals weekly on different colored tags.
They also will run special deals for 50% off items as well.
The selection is limited due to the store size.
Brands include a lot of Ann Taylor, Gap, Target brands, and some J Crew, Banana Republic items.
Price Point...
Shirts/ Sweaters: $4
Skirts: $3
Dresses: $5
Pants: $4
Purses: $3
Shoes: $3
Suit Jackets: $5



I decided today, to visit the Salvation Army in Ann Arbor.
I don't usually shop at the Salvation Army
because it isn't in a convenient location for a quick visit after work.
I have to plan out when I am going to go there and O and A are usually with me.

I realized, after today's visit, that I won't be visiting the Salvation Army
as often as I do the Goodwill for more than just a location issue.
The people who were working there were not very friendly.
Since I knew I was going to be writing a review of sorts
I did make a point of talking with as many store employees as possible.
Sadly, most didn't seem very happy to be working and weren't the most helpful.
The store was clean and fitting rooms were available with mirrors and locking doors.
The Salvation Army did have 50% off colored tags as well.
They also had a HUGE inventory to choose from
and a lot of Banana Republic, J Crew, Gap, and Ann Taylor items.

Price Point...Shirts/Sweaters: $4.99-$6.99
Skirts: $4.99- $6.99
Dresses: $6.99-$15
Pants: $6.99- $9.99
Purses: $6.99-$15
Shoes: $6.99-$15
Suit Jackets: $6.99-$9.99

I was shocked to see that they were asking for the price tag value of most of the items.
Example: Shirt with store tagged priced at $10.99 was selling a the Salvation Army for $10.99!
I realize that they run a charity organization, but I don't thrift to pay full price for something.
Even more shocking were shoes that had been worn, but still had
the sticker tag attached priced for what the store tag stated.

I did pick up a few things:
A super soft Gap button up long sleeve t-shirt: $2.50 (half off)
A Vintage Alligator Clutch: $6.99 (Authenticity Included!)
A fuchsia wool suit coat: $4.99
A chambray shirt: $3.99 (Yep, I finally found one I like!)
A Long American Eagle Zippered Hooded Sweater Vest: $4.99
A Vintage Sequin Black Sweater: $2.99 (half off)

I did spend more than I would have for some things and about the same for others.
The Alligator clutch was an AMAZING find and I absolutely adore it!
I won't be hanging out at the Salvation Army like I do the Goodwill,
but I can say that I will stop back in to look at their accessories every now and then.
Since the selection is so vast, I can see myself stopping by the
Salvation Army to find something specific (white jeans) since
it would be more likely I would have a better chance of finding the item there.
I will always thrift the Goodwill first, however.