Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sparkle That Gives A Little

When: Tuesday, August 23

Yep, these are sparkly.
That isn't just a trick of the camera.
While they look like TOMS, they aren't.
They are actually Airwalk's from Payless.
The beauty, besides the sparkle, is that just like TOMS a child
in need receives a pair of shoes with my purchase of these beauties.

WomensAirwalkWomen's Hope Slip-On

This is sparkly as well, but no one benefits from this except my wallet
because I found it on clearance after reading Elaine's post!

Sparkle on my lovelies, Sparkle on!




Striped Shirt: H&M
Gingham Shirt: Abercrombie&Fitch (Thrifted, Goodwill)
Short: TJMaxx
Shoes: Payless, Airwalk
Necklace: MixIt, JCPenny, Clearance
Sunglasses: Target, Dollar Spot
Earrings: Gift