Sunday, August 21, 2011

Feelin' A Little Gwen

Gwen Stefani is one of my favorite style icons.

She always looks effortlessly chic.
One of my favorite looks for her is when she wears
sky high heels,
just baggy enough boyfriend jeans,
and a grommet belt.

I decided to channel her vibe for the styling choice of this outfit.

When: Saturday, August 20

After reading so many of Shana's posts on ColorBlind
where she mentions shopping at Savers,
 I decide to search for a Savers in my area.
I found four in the Toledo, Ohio area.
There weren't any Savers in or around Ann Arbor, Michigan.
So I headed out to see what I could find.

The Break Down:

All of the clothing and shoes were organized by size and color!
Most impressive amount of vintage jewelry of any thrift store I have EVER been in.
None of the jewelry was more than $3!
Really nice dressing rooms
Super clean store
The staff was so nice and really helpful.
Everyone was smiling and asked if I need any help.
Clothing was expensive, in my opinion.
Pants: $8 - $25!
Shirts: $5- $20!
Dresses: $8-$50!
Once again I don't like to buy used clothing for such a high price.

I love both of these vintage necklaces.
The chain ($1.99) is from the 1970's and the Bead and Metal ($2.99) is from the 1960's.

I purchased several pieces of vintage jewelry along with several fantastic vintage belts on my visit to Savers.





Shirt: Target, Clearance Rack
Jeans, Belt: Goodwill
Necklace 1 and 2(Vintage): Savers
Heels: Payless