Saturday, July 30, 2011

Funk Be Darned: Belt It!?

When: Thursday, July 28

Like many of us out here in blogspace I have been in a funk lately.
I am probably craving a little predictable routine. 
When school is out routine is none existent while staying home with Otto and Ava.
Oh, sure there are predictable moments in the day but two little kids keep you on your toes.
So I plan something for us to do, and I do everyday.
It still is left to the fates to determine how things will play out
and that is a lot of stress on a Mama.
So funk it has been.

Accompanying the funk has been a slight feeling of BLAH when I open my closet.
Something that usually brings me creative energy has me feeling hopeless and heavy.
I have been perusing the Internet looking at sales 
on sites trying to fill a void that can't actually be filled by buying.
Thank the heavens that I am wise enough to realize this otherwise I would end up
making the mistake,
 a lot of people make including me at one point in my youth, 
which is buying when nothing is needed.

On Thursday we were celebrating our fabulous Otto's 5th birthday!
I couldn't let my funk influence his excitement and festive mood so I decided to
participate in something I like to call "Fake It Until You Can Make It".
I hate it when I have to do this because I don't like being fake but there is something to this concept.

Here is how it works....

Take a little inspiration...

A little thrifted lovely... A Men's Gap Striped Shirt

Some sass... My Favorite Arm Friends, Beaded Ring, and Floral Heels

Make It Work....

That is exactly what I did 
I really did feel better!

So here is the question:
What about the belt? 
Keep It?
Ditch It?

I started out thinking that I needed it to give the look definition but then I thought it looked to fussy.
Editing the pictures I actually like it with and without it.
What do you think?




Shirt: Thirfted, Goodwill
Skirt: H&M
Heels: Marshall's
Bag: Coach, Thrifted, Goodwill
Jewelry: Misc Locations
Belt: Modcloth, Sale