Saturday, May 14, 2011

Paper Doll Project: Vintage Florals and Plaid

* Sorry that it took so long to post this style installment but I have been out of the country for a work trip to Niagara Falls and Toronto! It was a faubulous visit and the my students were fantastic:) *

When: Wednesday, May 11


I have always loved paper dolls and since my mom likes to save things I am happy to say that I still have those little dolls to share with my daughter and nieces today.

When I first learned of the Paper Doll Project, hosted by Miss Vinyl Ahoy and I was completely intimidated to participate. I felt like I could barely pull an outfit together for myself, let alone someone else, so I passed on the opportunity and decided to let others take that leap. When the posts where put up, of the participants in the project, I was blown away by their ability to help out each other and create amazing looking outfits. I also realized that this wasn't a do or die situation and instead was just another way to connect with other lovely ladies around the globe and share the love of style and fashion. So when this round of Paper Doll Project was announced I jumped at the change to participate.


I was paired with Desiree of Pull Up Your Socks. Desiree lives in Brisbane, Australia and is FABULOUS to say the least. I can only hope that I get to meet her in person one day because she is an inspiration. Actually, just from reading her blog archives and piecing the outfit together for her I have been influenced to take more risks and to stay true to myself. I sometimes find that I get distracted by my own feelings of distrust in my style and dressing myself in fashionable ways. I realize this may sound a bit crazy for a style blogger but it is the hands down truth. Blogging has helped me to put myself out there and find the true me in the process.

Desiree asked me to help her style this beautiful wool plaid skirt. Using her blog archives I came up with this look for her. Her hat collection is beyond amazing so I asked her to pick one of her many beautiful hats to pair with the outfit. I love that she picked one with a veil! She looks beautiful. It was so exciting to go through the process of creating an amazing look for someone I didn't even know. I can see now why stylist love their jobs so much!  I have to say it was an incredible experience.

My Look For Paper Dolls:
Style Oasis Blazer

I asked Desiree to help me style this lovely jacket that I purchased through Modcloth. Truthfully, I didn't really love the jacket at first, but I forgot to return it so I now own it. I was inspired by Tieka of Selective Potential with the way she styled it, but I wanted to go in another route than just my usual jeggings and shirt. Here is what Desiree inspired me to come up with.

One of the elements of Pull Up Your Socks that I really admired is the way that Desiree chooses items that she really loves and then, as Tim Gunn would say, just makes them work. She dresses to impress no one else but herself. She also makes no apologies for her choices. I found this to be inspirational for me especially with the inner battles that I have playing out in my mind at times. So here is the low down on how I channeled Desiree into making a terrific outfit that not only encompasses who I am but that I hope inspires you to break out of your style mind zone and take a chance on yourself. You are worth it!

I have had this skirt hanging in my closet for almost a year. I purchased it for $2 at the Goodwill  but could never figure out how to wear it. I gave up on it and just left it to hang in my closet. My teal v-neck is a summer staple for me to wear and there isn't actually any teal in the coat, but I liked how it looked so that was that. Look who is getting sassy now:) Since that jacket is the show piece of this outfit I left my feet bare. Not actually, but I gave the impression with nude heels. I cinched the jacket with a gold metal vintage belt also purchased at the Goodwill and that was that. I am very proud of this look and I feel even more confidant now. Thanks Desiree and the Paper Doll Project!




Jacket: Pepper Tree (Modcloth, $30, 2011)
V-Neck Shirt: Carol Rose (Ross Dress For Less, $5, 2008)
Skirt: INC International Concepts (Goodwill, $2, 2010)
Belt: (Gold Metal)
Heels: Guess (Marshall's, $30, 2011)
Earrings: A Gift From My Mother (1997)