Monday, April 18, 2011

J Found A Little L.A.M.B For $20.75!

When: Saturday, April 16: (This is a long post but I think it is worth it:) )

Two Bird's, a terrific pair of sisters who have a fabulous blog, inspired "Inspiration Monday's". The point of the day is to use a picture of a celebrity to inspire a look to be worn and documented by bloggers. This is my first participation in this activity and I couldn't say no. My gosh, it is GWEN STEFANI! I LOVE her. I have been following her career, music, and style for years now. Also, I love the fact that she is just a 3 years older than I am and she ROCKS her style. Gwen's son Kingston is also the same age as my son and we were pregnant at the same time. She was a style inspiration for me during my pregnancy, mainly because I was NOT fashionable during my pregnancy at all. I will have to scan some pictures sometime;)

So I have mentioned that I have placed myself on a thrift only lifestyle. I can't spend all the money I would like to spend on what I want and honestly, I have learned that if I look hard enough I can find an equivalent for my "wants" through thrifting. For this particular outfit I didn't have a plaid shirt and I thought about wearing my husband's jeans but they would have been bigger than I wanted. SO....off to the Goodwill I went.

I only had 30 minutes to shop so I was on a mission...

gwen stefani rossdale lunch lovebirds 09
Just Jared

Plaid Shirt:
I headed straight to the men's section and focused on the plaid shirt. Gwen's shirt was fitted so I looked for a small size. I tried on several but they were really baggy and didn't look right. So then I started to try to think of another solution. Light bulb moment...look in the boy's section. TA DA... the shirt was located and I have to say that currently I can see this particular shirt becoming one of my favorites! I love how it looks and the tomboy style with my short hair. 

Just Jared

Boyfriend Jeans: Back to the men's section. I looked for the smallest size that would still give me the boyfriend jean look. I found the perfect pair of Levi's and when I tried them on they were too long. This didn't  really matter though because I would be rolling them up to inspire Gwen's look.

Heels: I didn't plan to even look in the shoe section. I actually LOVE shoes, but never take the time to look in the shoe section. I think that it is something that I need to get over...wearing a stranger's shoes. My motivation was inspired by the sale's worker who mentioned that the shoes were half off! Okay, off to the shoe section to discover this AMAZING pair of Nine West crocodile embossed killer pointed toed heels!! AHHHH YEAH!  
Belt: I didn't plan to purchase a belt, although I was thinking about how to inspire Gwen's look. I had been to this particular Goodwill earlier in the week and noticed this particular belt. At that time I didn't know how I would incorporate it into my daily wear. The belt was perfect for this outfit and now that I own it I can see lots of different ways of using it in my wardrobe. I love how this looks with this my inspiration outfit.




Who: (Entire Outfit Cost= $20.75!)Plaid Shirt: Old Navy (Goodwill, $3)
T-Shirt: Mossimo (Target, $7)
Jeans: Levi (Goodwill, $4)
Heels: Nine West (Goodwill, $3.75)
Belt: Mossimo (Goodwill, $3)
Coat: Baby Phat (Gift From My Mom)