Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fight To The Finish

When: Monday, April 11

A Little History:
A lovely black maxi dress has been hanging in my closet for two years and has never seen the light of day. I purchased it because it was on sale and that particular summer I had several weddings to attend but let's get real here I bought it because it was on sale. I used to do this a lot. See something on sale and decide since it was on said sale that that meant I should buy it. Any who, I have since gotten away from doing this so back to my ignored frock...

The Challenge:
Every Body, Every Wear came up with the idea to have everyone show off their maxi dress styling so I thought this would be the perfect time to dust off my never before worn dress and strut my stuff. Well, long story short I had A LOT of issues trying to decide how to wear my dress. To a lot of people it may appear that getting dressed for the day is a no brainer and that they always look stylish and put together with ease. Truth is...IT TAKES WORK!

First off, I knew that the dress would need to be tamed down for work since it has the potential of showing off a lot of boobage.
Secondly, it is a halter style which also meant it was a no no for wearing to work as is.
Thirdly, it is just a long black sack with nothing really special going on about it.
Fourthly, (Is that even a word?) What to wear on my feet?
Wow, I guess I know now why it has never been worn.

Solution: RESEARCH!
Step 1: I jumped on line and started to do some research. I did a simple Google search for Maxi dress styling tips and came up with a few good ideas. Then I looked at several different video clips of ways to style it and then found some images from magazines on line with styling tips.
Step 2: Try to think like my favorite bloggers. Once I had some key ideas then I started to think of some of my favorite bloggers and what I like about how they put their outfits together.
Step 3: Make It My Own= I then took a few key ideas and added them to my own style philosophy and Voila!

The Reveal: My Maxi Dress Styling= A Little Girly Edge
Boobage Issue: I found on one of the sites I was looking at that they simply wore a bandeau top to cover up their cleavage to tame down a low v-neck. Genius! I don't know why I didn't think about that. It was a easy fix that didn't leave bulk under the dress.

Halter Your A No, No: I added my lovely white leather jacket over the top of the dress. Not only did it work for coverage but also a pop of light against the black dress. Bonus: I am also staying warm today which is nice.

Plain Old Sack: I added my favorite corset belt to give me a waist and just started adding necklaces. The necklaces are all really long so I draped them to create different length. Since I kept the rest of my accessories simple the necklaces popped and lengthen me so that I didn't look like I was wearing a sack.

Feet What's Up: I tried heels but they looked ridiculous since the dress hits me a little above the ankle. I didn't want to wear flip flops since those would be to casual. I also didn't want to wear anything that would take the focus off of my upper body since I was trying to look long and lean so nude gladiators where my go to. I like how they kept my outfit light but also stylish.

Bottom Line: I am proud that I didn't let this challenge get me down. I was feeling beaten there for a while, but thanks to all of you lovelies out there, I knew that there had to be other people in my same boat so that helped pull me through. I am still not sure whether I really like this dress or not but at least it doesn't have the tags on it anymore. I am hoping that I get a lot more inspiration today from everyone else's dresses to help me out with whether I will be keeping it or thrifting it out. Enjoy!




Jacket: Baby Phat (Marshall's, Gift from my mom)
Dress: NY&Co
Belt: Mossimo (Target)
Shoes: R2 (Marshall's)
Necklaces: Pearl (Thrifted)
                  Black Triple Strand (Lia Sophia)
                  Silver Oval Beaded (Kohl's)
                  Opalescent and Seed Pearls (Gift from my sweet niece for my birthday)