Sunday, March 27, 2011

Never Shop For Vintage Without This Post

How many of you are like me and enter thrift stores wondering if you are actually purchasing something that is vintage or not?

Now there are some items that I have purchased that are obviously from a decade gone by, but there have been other items that I wished I had a reference of some kind to help me out. I usually then resort to purchasing it based solely on gut instinct or just because I feel I can't live without it. I am a very thrifty shopper thanks to my mom and usually will never pay full price for anything I buy clothing wise. There have been times though, when I really liked an item of clothing that was out of my price range but claimed to be vintage. Now with vintage items they tend to be one of a kind since they are of course vintage. That is the point right? So when I really want something that is uber expensive I have a difficult time parting with my money unless I know for sure that it actually what it claims to be. I have been drowning in the ocean of obscurity until I just read A Thrifty LA Life (another fabulous thrifting blog) and found a Sammy Davis Vintage post...

Sammy Davis Vintage: All I can tell you is that I will not enter another Goodwill, Salvation Army, or thrift shop without this particular post open on my Smart Phone. In this post she discusses how to spot an actual vintage piece compared to things that look vintage but aren't. Sammy is a vintage shopping genius! Check it out and add it to your "book" of shopping tricks.