Tuesday, March 22, 2011

BAM Moments Page Added!

Let's BAM Together!

I am always curious about people's lives. I realize that that probably means that I am noisy, but I like to call it connected. Mostly because I love it when I feel connected in some way to others. An example would be when you discover that someone likes the same obscure book that you have read. Bam! You feel connected and your laughing and hooting and hollering all excited about something when a couple of moments before your were strangers. I LOVE that!

So, since I love that connection BAM moment maybe there are some of you who might BAM with me:)

1. I was named Julie Ann but my mom wanted my name to be Julieann so my sister named her first child after me and spelled her name Julianne.

2. My nickname is Jules Vern after one of my dad's favorite novels, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea by Jules Vern. I am also called Jules, Vernon, and Vernon T (yes, I grew up in the country)

3. I am a good cook but there is no love in my cooking so I don't cook. I married my husband because he cooks and love oozes from his cooking. Even boxed mac n cheese is a magical meal when he makes it.

4. I married my husband because of his wicked sense of humor, his loyalty, and of course his cooking ability.

5. I have always wanted to have a southern accent like in the Carolina's or Georgia accents.

6. I have never travelled farther west than Colorado or farther east than Virginia.

7. I never leave a suitcase packed. I always unpack it immediately no matter whether I am traveling somewhere or just getting home. I am a little OCD about this and will even immediately unpack in if I get home really late. I like the feeling that I have arrived and comfortable as soon as I get to a place.

8. I was previously engaged but it, happily for me, didn't work out since it would mean that I wouldn't have married my amazing husband or had my two amazing children.

9. I have lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and connective tissue disease but I don't let it stop me. I still get up and go to work everyday and take care of my kids and my family. I could just stay in bed but it isn't going to make things any better, so better to enjoy life while you have it to live.

10. Since life has it's ups and downs I try to always remember the good in the world and focus on that. A fake smile can lead to a real smile as the day moves along.

11. Smiles are catchy so pass along as many as possible even when the person on the receiving end may not look like they want you smiling at them. They eventually always smile back:)

12. I was born on September 11 and always HATED my birthday. Even as a little kid I never liked my birthday. I don't really know why, but after September 11, 2001, I am grateful EVERY year that I get to have the privilege of having another birthday. I am much more appreciative now of many things because of this day.

13. Aside from my sister all of my closest friends are named Stacey (i). I don't really know why but it just ended up that way. In case you are wondering that I have 3 friends named Stacey (i) but at one time I had 5 really close friends all named Stacey.

14. I am horrible at spelling so I have to triple check my posts before they go out to make sure that I didn't misspell something.

15. I always hang up things that fall off of the racks in stores even if I wasn't the person that made it fall. I think that it is rude not to since someone has to clean it up.

16. I put my cart back in the cart corral when I am done with it and I also make sure to put back things that I don't want to buy instead of leaving it somewhere else in the store. I don't think anyone should have to clean up after me.

17. I think breakfast is a perfectly fine meal for dinner or lunch or breakfast and thank goodness my husband cooks because I would be scared at how much cereal and eggs my kids would be eating.

18. I HATE canned vegetables and won't eat them it they are served that way unless it is in a casserole.

19. I like to time myself getting ready so that I can improve on the amount of time it takes.

20. I HATE being late for things but I am working on this.  I used to really freak out if I were late and it was out of my control. Now I try to make sure that I am not late but if there is a traffic jam I don't freak out as much.

21. I usually want to do something to the absolute best of my ability to the point where I can get a little, okay, a lot obsessed with it. I am getting better about this though and reminding myself that no one can do everything perfectly the first time:)

So, I hope there is something on this list that creates the BAM that I was hoping for. If not then send me something about yourself or ask me a questions. I would love to create more connections in my life:) Enjoy!