Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Striped Remixed and Retired (For Awhile)

30 for 30: Remix
Day 8
The Outfit: Recap The Stripes
Wednesday, February 9

What: So I decided to do something different today! Since I am participating in the 30 for 30 Remix challenge anyway, why not create a remix post of different ways that I have worn the same striped shirt. When I purchased the shirt I knew, based on looking at other fashion blogger's sites, that there were a lot of options with stripes but I didn't realize until the 30 for 30 remix what an easy piece it was to mix. Hope you enjoy and let me know how you have worn your stripes! ( I am retiring the shirt for a while so say bye to it! I think it needs a rest.)

P.S. I decided to wear the purple tights with the outfit for my splash of color. I had several wonderful compliments on the outfit as a whole as well as comments on the unique twist of the tights! I wouldn't have ever ventured out to try this if I hadn't been reading Sydney's and Jen's blogs where they have talked about wearing colored tights. I linked their blogs. You should check out both of these lovely ladies sites. They are both terrific:)

Shirt: H&M($9, Spring 2011 Line)