Wednesday, February 2, 2011

30 for 30: Day 2- Show Us Your Stripes and Plaid

Well, there wasn’t 17 inches of snow dropped on Michigan last night but I still was able to yell SNOW DAY! School called last night at 7:30pm and reported that lovely message. It brings that same jovial thrill as it did when I was a little kid in school myself. So happy SNOW DAY kids! I love ya and will see you tomorrow. Please be working on your homework:)

So…what to do on a snow day when it doesn’t snow 17 inches and instead only dumps 8 inches? Hubby will shovel and plow us out (see the pictures for how sweet he was to plow out the neighbors as well! You are so sweet oh Hubby of mine)Than hang with my wonderful husband, of course, and celebrate Feb. 14th 12 days early. We decided to drop the kids off at the lovely Ms. Donna for the day so that we could spend some quality couple time. I should note that we haven’t had couple time ALONE IN OUR HOUSE in 7 months. In a world of parenting that is the reality. Treasure the quiet times with your love bug when you have it, that is our philosophy. The other reality is that when you have the chance to have some quality quiet time at home…you don’t want to go out! Aw, home and hubby how I love you:) We decided to sit on the couch and watch movies we never get to watch since Scooby Doo is our usually tv and movie fare.

30 for 30 Remix
Day 2
The Outfit: Snow Day= Show Us Your Stripes AND Plaid
When: Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Well with a SNOW DAY (yell it out loud with as much enthusiasm as possible, that’s it you got it!) what to wear is the questions? Usually, I will be honest, I would stay home in yoga pants and a sweatshirt but today is day 2 of the remix and I can’t bring myself to just wear my usually lovely comfy clothes. So here it is…

I choose to wear my jeggings because they are oh so comfy. The Breton stripe tee I featured in Saturday’s post but I really love it here as well under my plaid tunic. I really have to say a big THANK YOU to all of the bloggers I follow for breaking me out of my rut of NEVER mixing patterns. It really does work and look amazing when it is done. Just remember though, to keep the color scheme the same and you are good to go. The riding boots were a must since they are keeping my feet warm and dry. I have to say I was nervous to put this together but now that I have downed it, I LOVE IT!

One note: My belt origami is courtesy of Sydney at The Daybook. I have linked you to her video lesson on belts. If you haven’t ever looked her blog you should it is FABULOUS and she is only 22! I wish I had been as motivated as she is when I was 22.  LOVE The Daybook.

Jeggings: NY&CO ($8 on summer clearance, Summer 2010)
Tunic: H&M ($7, Clearance Winter 2011)
Breton T-Shirt: H&M ($(9.95, Regular Price! GO GET ONE! Winter 2011)
Boots: Ciao Bella (DSW, $75, Winter 2011 Clearance)
Beret: Morona (Target, $10, December 2010)
Gloves: 9 West (Gift from my In Laws, Winter 2008)
Bracelets: Gift from my Sister (1999 and 2000)